Some people are more into manlier looking dogs. The Tibetan Mastiff is definitely a manlier looking dog. It is very large, weighing anywhere from 140 pounds to 170 pounds. It also has a very thick coat that is great in any type of weather.

Tibetan Mastiffs make great guard dogs. They are intimidating just by their looks. They are strong-willed, dominant, and at times stubborn. They are not the best with younger children or other pets. They are also not the best with new people because they tend to be hesitant and protective.

Tibetan Mastiffs are very intelligent and should be easy to train if trained early. Failure to train Tibetan Mastiffs can result in bad and dangerous behavior when it comes to meeting new people. Although they like to be dominant, these dogs learn best when gently trained.

Their coat makes them look like the need frequent grooming. The truth is that they do not give off much odor and only need to be brushed once a week. Once a year, they shed their undercoat. During this time, more grooming will be needed. They need to be exercised, but too much can lead to injuries in the joints.

Tibetan Mastiffs are not for everyone. They are best for those that are strong and able to care for this large dog. They also need a home that has a large backyard with proper dog fencing.

On the other hand, their is also the Havanese. The dog breed Havanese is not as popular as many other breeds, but it is hard to see why not. Havaneses are an extremely loving dog. They get along with just about anybody. If a Havanese does not like you, then you know you must be doing something wrong.

Havaneses are great with people. They are also great with children of all ages. They strive on attention and love. They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Havaneses will also do well with other pets.

Havaneses are great for those who have allergies. They have very little odor and do not shed a lot. Due to this, they also do not require a lot of grooming. However, they do need their hair kept out of their eyes by trimming it or tying it back. They are prone to eye and ear infections, so proper care must be taken. They are also prone to tooth loss, so weekly brushing is a must.

Havaneses are also intelligent and are also eager to learn and play. Since they do all they can to please you, training should be easy and enjoyable. They also love to swim and do agility training. Since they love people, this dog is great for animal assisted therapy.

Hands down, Havaneses are the perfect pet for anyone. The only exception to this would be people who are not home very often. If you are looking for someone to love, the Havanese will be sure to return your love doubled.

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